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How to choose a compressor

AC Direct Drive Series
AC Series - Air Command’s No. 1 Compressor model in NZ! European design and a solid and reliable performer for trade and agricultural use. Tried and trusted by thousands throughout New Zealand and Australia for many years. 
AC Economy Series 
Air Command’s “Economy” range of belt drive compressors are built for the serious DIY and light trade users. Equipped with large twin cylinder pumps and high quality electric motors, the AC13 and AC15 are ideal for the serious home/shed project and will even power a small workshop. 
AC Trade Series
European design, Italian componentry and a solid and reliable performer for trade and agricultural use. Tried and trusted by thousands throughout New Zealand and Australia for many years. 
Tradesman and Workshop Series
AIR COMMAND’s 100% Italian made compressors...because everyone wants quality that lasts!  Take the oversized and slow revving pumps with large after coolers, the separate base / tank mount configuration, the generous ergonomic handles - easy to wheel, lift and tie down, the large 250mm pneumatic wheels and anti-vibration feet... the list goes on! Lightweight yet heavy duty, high output yet low noise...and smooth! Air Command’s industrial rated Tradesman’s and Workshop’s come out on top every time!
AC Workshop Three Phase Series
AIR COMMAND’s Workshop Series are manufactured in Italy with heavy duty electric motors and componentry to service the automotive and light engineering workshop.
Industrial Three Phase Series
Industrial Series - 100% Italian designed and manufactured! 
Built to withstand industrial conditions, this series features highly efficient two stage technology for cooler operation and durability. With hundreds of models in service NZ wide, the Air Command Industrial compressors can be relied upon to give decades of trouble-free compressed air.
Petrol Driven Series 
AC Petrol Driven Series - Air Command’s answer to on-site air supply Designed and manufactured with a genuine Honda Engine - ideal for trade and agricultural use.  Tried and trusted by thousands throughout New Zealand for many years. Air Command - where quality and good value combine.
12 & 24 Volt Off-Road Series 
AIR COMMAND’s Offroad Air Compressors are 100% Taiwanese and are available in 12 and 24V. At a light 15kg, they are so portable - you can take them anywhere! Fast, tough and reliable the Off-Road Series are the answer to your compressed air needs on the run.
Futura Industrial Oil-less Series 
AIR COMMAND’s range of Futura Oil-less compressors are 100% Italian designed and manufactured.  The low maintenance, long life Boxer technology motor efficiently delivers contamination free air ideal for delivery and food grade applications without the risks of using a conventional compressor with filtration.
Industrial Dairy Series 
With the advantage of a heavy duty oil-lubricated pump and separate motor configuration, the Dairy Compressors have a high load capacity but a very low current draw (less than 10 amps). This makes it ideally suited to operating in the dairy shed environment with early morning starts, varying power supply and sometimes demanding work load.
Dual Control Series 
Dental / Medical Series 
AIR COMMAND’s range of dental compressors are purpose designed and built in Italy for the medical and dental industry and incorporate a unique oil-free compressor pump which eliminates the risk of oil particle and vapour contamination in the air supply.


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